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The MediCloud Ecosystem

The MediCloud Ecosystem

  • PracticeDent - The right dental software for your practice management needs
  • PatientDent - A platform for you and your patients
  • ProductDent - Bringing suppliers and practices together in the cloud
  • AnalyticsDent - BI & Reporting Tools for large businesses
  • LabsDent - Dental labs' entry point into the Cloud

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Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Practicedent.com cost?

A: You can use Practicedent.com for 1 month for free. After that, a monthly fee of EUR 35.- will be charged. This fee is billed quarterly. Practicedent.com includes the most important modules such as calendar, reception, patient contacts, status and treatment. Some advanced functions, e.g. expanded patient profiles, expanded finance module, expanded planning are on-demand additions (in-app purchases). We are at your disposal at any time for further questions.

Q: Do I have to install anything to use PracticeDent?

A: As long as you have an up-to-date web browser, there is nothing else you need to install. We recommend the latest Google Chrome browser, which you can install on Window, OS X and Linux.

Q: Can I use a mobile device to access PracticeDent?

A: Yes, the platform is accessible on mobile devices. We have tried to ensure that PracticeDent functions well on touch devices, such as tablets. Again, when possible, we recommend that you access the service using Google Chrome. Additionally, on iOS and Android devices, you can install the mobile companion app – Dental Go; it offers some of the basic functionalities, optimized for smaller touch devices.

Q: Can I import my patient database to PracticeDent?

A: Yes, we can do that for you. Please, contact us so that we can analyze the database structure and offer you a quotation.

Q: Where is my information stored?

A: All of your account’s data is stored across three storage facilities (Amazon Web Services) in different geographic locations. This makes it possible for your information to be accessible at least 99.99% of the time, and additionally protects it by providing multiple backups.

About us

Our goals and our backers

Our mission

We aim to revolutionize the market, to create a cloud "cover" for all aspects of dental care - from the largest clinics and practices, through the individual specialists, to the end user of dental services - the patient.

Our vision

We believe that dental software should work everywhere, be feature rich, yet easy to use and last, but not least - be simply beautiful.

Our history

We started as a young startup, striving to create the best dental practice management solution out there. Nowadays we're the biggest fish in the ocean of dental management software.

Our partner

We have partnered with leading publisher Dental Tribune International to ensure the availability of PracticeDent and the entire MediCloud ecosystem to the international dental community.